72k Spend with 2.47X ROAS

A successful Ads campaign centered around videos.

This Case study will show how much Impact videos can create on your campaign.
Videos or Images are often overlooked when planning out your Ads strategy.

We live in an era where movies have replaced Books and Radio songs have been taken over by music videos. The importance of videos has reached such an extent that Online schooling on video conferences is considered a viable alternative.
In Short, Video rules!!

Now let me ask you something quickly.

Name me 5 advertisements that you overheard on the radio and then name me some that you have watched online.

You might find it easier to list the latter and some might even say that there aren’t any over the radio.


But I don’t blame you for it. It’s the radical effect that videos generate that you may find everything else blurred when comparing them with it.

Knowing all this it was almost inevitable that one day I wouldn’t use them as the backbone of my campaign.

Enough praising the effects of videos now let’s see them in action.
So luckily, I was blessed with an amazing client this time.

He knew a thing or two about how these Ads worked but he lacked the Fluency and experience.
After getting his own hands Dirty for some while and not yielding anything impressive, he turned to me. When we closed the deal, he told me that a while back he had produced some videos for his brand. When he showed them to me, I was overwhelmed by how beneficial they could become if utilized rightly.

I had a plan now.


This time I decided to employ the “Funnel” way. 

For the people who don’t know what I mean by Funnel. It is the overall journey of a customer with your brand. When a customer is at the highest point of the funnel, he knows nothing about your brand and is basically what you call cold traffic, so you treat him differently than someone at the bottom of the funnel (a loyal customer). You grow with your customer.

I got a heads-up when I decided to cater to the audience at the top of the funnel. My client had already set up Facebook Pixel, so I used the info I could collect from there to create a target list. I decided to go a bit broad for this stage as I didn't want to sell anything at this time but to raise awareness.

So I needed to welcome new traffic with open arms.

With my first Ad sets, I aimed to generate engagement. By this, I mean that I wanted to generate as many likes, shares, and comments on my posts as possible. 

I did this for two reasons:

  • Facebook Algorithm works in a certain way that gives boosts to those Ads that generate engagement (likes, reactions, comments).
  • To attract the cold traffic (I treat these people as pigeons, you don’t get too close to them initially or they will fly, to avoid them from flying away you give them space and allow them to be curious)


I wanted to make my Ads as natural as they could get so they won’t notice I am here to sell them something. They are on social media to be entertained so let them be entertained.


How I Did It?

I made a short, animated video talking about my brand (not selling just introducing). I made the video short and precise and also added a little curiosity element to it as it ended with a question.
Furthermore, in the text section of the video I added a few catchy sentences (compelling messages) I also made sure to send them with a question mark.
This proved to be a success as I was able to generate hype among the people. I could see this by carefully analyzing the feedback people left on my posts.

Pro-tip :

Don’t just stick with one or two Ad sets at this stage, add more, you don’t want people to get bored of you at just the initial stages.
Also, I recommend you wait till you get 2000 impressions on each of your posts to determine whether they were a success.
Another thing that I would like to share here is that throughout the campaign when adding posts I made use of Page-post-engagement. This increased the competition among my Ads, and I could easily sort out the better-performing ones. I then chose the best-performing ones and scaled them to get new cold traffic. 

Now coming to the next stage of the Funnel.

Making use of all the data I could get from the awareness-oriented Ads I made lookalikes of those people but for the people at the low stage of the funnel. Why I did do this?

As I brought some people from the low stage of the funnel to the upper stage, I still wanted more audience at the low stage. Now with this further refined data, I knew that the 100 per cent of the audience that I was targeting with my awareness campaign were interested people. I wasn't coming unprepared this time.

Now for the middle stage of the funnel, I started retargeting the people who were interacting with my posts when they were at the lowest stage of the funnel.
During this retargeting, I wasn't coming with the same mindset of raising awareness. I needed results now. I was creating more assertive conversion-focused Ads.

The type of videos that I chose for this stage was also different; more emphasis was laid on tempting the buyer to buy the product by describing the salient features of my product. 

Carousel Ads and Dynamic Ads were powering this stage of my campaign.

I am saying this once again At this moment your aim should be just one thing that is a good ROAS forget everything else and change your pace as now you need to cash your customers for the investment at the earlier stages.
Unleash the beast inside that you previously had caged in the first stage.
The results were astonishing at the end of the campaign.

  • A total of 40K link clicks were done
  • 2230 purchases done
  • A decreasing cost per purchase value
  • An average of 2.5 ROAS value at the end of this.
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