8 Retargeting mistakes I found after auditing over 10 FB ad accounts in the last few weeks and how to fix those mistakes.

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    Mistake # 1

    They overlook a simple thing:

    When setting up retargeting campaigns, remember to turn off advantage custom audiences as it is a default option and can cost you an extra $$ for no apparent results. 

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    Mistake # 2

    They forget stacking:

    Additionally, consolidate all your warm audiences into one ad set to avoid self-competition. it's great to have different cold audiences in separate ad sets but only for testing. 

    Combining warm audiences will avoid audience overlap. And this brings me to the campaign structuring mistake.

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    Mistake # 3

    They don’t want to miss an opportunity: 

    it is tempting to create multiple retargeting campaigns, you think I might miss an opportunity. 

    But I generally advise sticking to a single campaign unless you are promoting different products or targeting different locations. No need to add unnecessary complexity. 

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    Mistake # 4

    They overlook the customer’s buying cycle: 

    While it's important to sync your pixel and Klaviyo audiences, make sure to exclude individuals who are not currently ready to make a purchase. 

    By excluding these audiences, you can optimize your retargeting efforts and focus on engaging with prospects who are more likely to convert.

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    Mistake # 5

    They do not retarget beyond website visitors and customer lists: 

    They retarget website visitors and customer lists but overlook other valuable sources. 

    Target meta-custom audiences like video viewers, Facebook page followers, and Instagram followers. This broader approach helps maximize your reach and conversions.

  • 6

    Mistake # 6

    They try to cast a wide net:

    What do I mean by wide net? They cast a wide net and end up retargeting individuals who have recently left the targeted location, resulting in wasted ad spend. Be careful when you select the location targeting option.

  • 7

    Mistake # 7

    They do not use UTM parameters: 

     UTM parameters are a powerful tool to create highly specific and personalized creatives for your retargeting campaigns.

     By incorporating UTM parameters into your URLs, you can gather valuable data and deliver more relevant ads to your retargeted audience.

  • 8

    Mistake # 8

    They do not Understand the relationship between prospecting and retargeting campaigns:

    Look retargeting campaign's success is heavily dependent on the effectiveness of your prospecting campaign. Ensure you are testing the right audiences and utilizing compelling creatives for your top-of-the-funnel. A well-executed prospecting campaign lays the foundation for the success of a retargeting campaign.

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