Every FB Ads guru tells you to Test new ads. What to test, NOBODY talks about it...

Every FB Ads guru tells you to Test new ads. What to test, NOBODY talks about it...

But if you test ad variations of these 5 elements

> You can identify best performing ad

> And spend on what's most effective



Here are the 5 elements of a great ad I would never ignore while testing 🚀

1️⃣ Clear message

2️⃣ Target demo. represented

3️⃣ Benefits > features

4️⃣ Eye catchiness - is it unique? distinct? memorable?

5️⃣ Call to action


1. Clear-Ad Message 💥


Shooting in the dark is not a good way. How do you make a strong and positive brand impression in the audience's mind with your ad? By being clear and concise. You don’t want to create a negative perception of your brand with a wrong message.

Instead do these 3 things…

To drive action with your message:

➡ Avoid cluttered messages and prioritize highlighting the core USPs


See how Wild One highlights core USPs


➡ If your audience is unsure about the offer they will leave the ad. Make a clear offer.

➡ Refine your message with testing

Tip ➜  if your hold rate is good, but CVR is bad you have the room to refine your message.


2. Make it specific for your targeted demographic 🎁


The first step to lower your CPA is to improve the Click-through rate and nothing hits the CTR target more than making an ad that resonates with your specific demographic.

Have a clear hypothesis about why a specific ad will work for your target demographic:

e.g. “ a simple static creative of product image with callouts on it will work best for an older audience because:

➡ older audience is less familiar with complex ad formats

➡ simple and static creative will be easier to understand

➡ Callouts on the product image can easily grab the attention

➡ Older audiences may have a shorter attention span, so a clear and concise message can quickly convey the message

Once you get the data, you can validate your hypothesis


3. Show Benefits over features 📈


➡ Benefits attract emotions and features attract logic making the decision process difficult

➡ Benefits are emotion-driven so more relatable to the audience

➡ Benefits evoke an emotional response which increases willingness to buy

e.g. For a skin care product, feature-driven ads might focus on the ingredients and techniques used in the product.

However, a benefits-driven ad would focus on how the products can improve the customer's skin, such as reducing wrinkles, improving hydration, and promoting a youthful glow.

See how Sio Beauty highlights benefits over features




 Later builds an emotional connection, and increases the likelihood of purchase.

4. Eye catchiness - is it unique? distinct? memorable? 👁️


➡ Incorporate storytelling in your ad to create an emotional connection. This will make your ad memorable.

Ripndip uses illustrations and storytelling to make their ad more unique and eye catchy:



➡ focus on your core USPs as they set you apart

Look at how Teami Blends shows its USP in the ad creative with illustrations:


➡ Use unconventional creative angles to make it unique

e.g. use unexpected pairing: an ad for a shoe company could feature a famous chef wearing their shoes while cooking in a restaurant.

Analyze these metrics of the ad to analyze if your ads are eye-catchy

➡ Thumb-stop ratio

➡ Average watch time

➡ Hold-rate


e.g. if your thumb-stop is bad, your ad is not eye-catchy


5. Call to action🗣️


➡ Use action-oriented as well ad benefit-oriented language in your CTA:

e.g. For a pet grooming service:

Treat your furry friend to a spa day and keep them healthy and happy. Book your appointment now.

Treat/ Book now is an action-oriented word

“Keep them healthy and happy” is emotionally charged and benefit-driven.

➡ Create a sense of urgency: Use language that creates a sense of urgency, such as “Limited Time Offer" or "Don’t Miss Out”

➡ Make it visually prominent:

Use a different color or font from the background to make it stand out. See how Wild One uses contrasting colors:


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