My 10-step strategy to take DTC brands to super-efficient acquisition models.

My 10-step strategy to take DTC brands to super-efficient acquisition models.

I have spent over $100M on Meta and generated billions in sales for many DTC brands. 


I've taken over-spenders to super-efficient acquisition models in the DTC space.  

Let's break down my core roadmap!


#1 Pick the STAR.  

Does it tick all the boxes to finally become a star product? 

> Great supply  

> Lots of social proof 

> Increasing profit margins 


#2 Draw the customer  

Create your product's perfect match. Draw an avatar of them. 

Learn their talk, understand their problems, and really get into their shoes. 


#3 Build a killer offer around the STAR(s)  

Create an offer that's a real head-turner and matches the economic entity.  

It should make people want to shout about it on social media. 

Think about bundling products for a high AOV. 


#4 Whip up a page just for your star product. 

Use what you've learned about your ideal customer for the words, pictures, and stories.  

Oh, and make the LP personalized, fast, and ESPECIALLY a breeze on mobile. 


#5 Lights, Camera, Action!  

Write killer scripts and find both micro-influencers and big names who LOOK like your ideal customer. 

Focus on building the story with hooks. Tell stories that hit those pain points.  

Even better, tell stories that double as pain relief. Make sure your creators demonstrate using the product. 


#6 Final check & a nod. 

Double-check that everything lines up with the brand's image.  Make customers and creators fit the brand persona. 

Couple them together. Check-in on LP, the creative's hook. 


#7 Launch for the skies. 

Start small, and test the waters with creatives. Get people talking. 

Do not exclude customers in testing so that you can build social proof faster. 


#8 Keep all eyes around. 

Watch those numbers: CPA, the hook ratio, ROAS, CTR, and more.  

Identify any creative or customer journey problem. 

For example: 

High CPC & High CVR = Creative issue 

Low CPC & Low CVR = Customer journey issue 


#9 Act now. Optimize.  

Test what's working based on the data. Try out new offers and nudge up that average order value. Smooth out any bumps in the customer journey. 


#10 Shoot the scaling shoot.  

Turn up the heat on the best-performing ads. Use what you've learned to cook up fresh content. 

Keep the momentum going as you learn from the customer journey. 

This is the step-by-step manual to pull yourself out of low customer acquisition, not just a low ROAS. But if this looks easy for you, you're in for a surprise.  

I set brands on a journey to identify their stars and become stars in their niche.  

If you have any questions or need help scaling through the Q4 BFCM season, this strategy is a precision fit.  

+ Bonus if you can couple this with my framing bias & my Cloak and Dagger retargeting strategy. 

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