My 5 Winner Facebook Campaigns structure

Based on more than $ 2.5 Million FB ads spend 5 campaign structures that consistently drive success for me


🚀 - Scaling Winning Audience/ Creative Campaign structure


My scaling a Winning Audience/ Creative Campaign structure (Based on $25,000, 000 Ad spend):


Eligibility to use this structure:

You already have a winning audience and a winning creative

This structure can help you scale a winning audience/creative in your ad account.


Step #1:

Select campaign budget optimization. It will prevent ad sets from competing against each other for the same audience.

As we will have multiple ad sets CBO reduces self-competition by allocating your budget across multiple ad sets to reach your overall campaign objectives.

Minimum budget: I would recommend $ 300 / day is the minimum ad spend you can start with for this campaign.


Step # 2

Duplicate your Ad set 4 times with the same audience (no exclusion)

Why we are duplicating?

We are duplicating our ad set to:

➜  expand our reach; more ad set= more spend= more reach

➜  scale an already winning campaign easily; reach= more conversions


Step #3

Audience targeting:

You can use this campaign structure to target Interest audiences or lookalike


Step # 4

Duplicate the same ad in each ad set 4 times.


What to keep in mind:

➜ Keep increasing ad spend of a best-performing ad set

➜ After 3 days filter out the bad performers yet

  • don't turn them off
  • just put an ad spend limit on them

➜ With time keep increasing your campaign budget

Why should you put a spend limit on an ad instead of turning it off completely?


Out of many reasons few are:

  1. you may lose momentum and the progress you've made
  2. you can maintain some level of visibility and engagement with your target audience by putting an ad spend limit
  3. You can test different strategies in this way
  4. A sudden drop in traffic and conversions will harm your account


Campaign Structure

🚀 - Interest Testing and Scaling Campaign structure

You can use this campaign structure for both testing and scaling :


You can use this campaign structure for both testing and scaling.

Use campaign budget optimization.

Campaign Structure:

  • 5-10 ad sets having 2-5 ads in each
  • Target a single audience in each ad set


What you need to keep in mind:

➜ Ads should be winning because in this case, you are just testing the audience not the ads.

➜ After 5 days replace a bad-performing ad set with a new one; you have to maintain at least 5 ad sets live in this campaign.

In this way, you can keep testing new interests.


Campaign Structure

🚀 - Product Testing Campaign structure

Product Testing Campaign structure: I have used many dropshipping stores from scratch following this campaign strategy


Step #1


Choose conversions as the campaign objective. You never need anything else in product testing campaigns.


Step # 2


Target based on:

➜ location

➜ broad age and gender depending upon your product niche

➜ relevant interests


Step # 3


Select ABO to allocate your budget across your ad sets and ads. You may want to allocate a higher budget to your top-performing ad sets and ads.


Step # 4


Duplicate 6- 9 ad sets and set a 25 $/ day spend limit on each

What you need to keep in mind:

  • Test a single interest 4-7 ad creatives in each ad set
  • Select Fb/ IG No AN and messenger in placement
  • Insert UTM in the ads and track the sales in Shopify stores. This will tell you which ad is giving you conversions


In this campaign, you will actually be doing creative and interest testing both:

Creative testing on the ad level and interest testing on the ad set level.

➜ To conduct creative testing, you can create multiple ad variations with different images, ad copy, and calls to action to see which ad performs best.

➜ To conduct interest testing, you can create ad sets targeting different audiences with specific interests or behaviors

By conducting both creative and interest testing in the same campaign, you can identify which ad variations work best with which audiences.

However, it's important to make sure you:

  • have enough budget to support testing multiple ad variations and ad sets.
  • closely monitor the performance of your ads and ad sets to ensure that you're getting meaningful results from your testing


Campaign Structure

🚀 - Retargeting Campaign structure

My Cloak and Dagger Retargeting campaign strategy


Campaign Objective :

Create a new campaign and select “Reach” as your campaign objective. You can also use “Awareness” instead. They both work the same way.

Name the campaign “Cloak and dagger Retargetting Strategy" and jump to the ad set level.


Budget Strategy :

For this campaign turn off CBO and select ABO at the ad set level. Set your daily budget from 2 to 5$ or equivalent to make it sustainable because this campaign needs to run longer than usual.


Targeting :

Remember in this retargeting campaign you are targeting the audience which has already interacted with your business or store.

A warm audience data between 5 to 10k is best to target. It can be your email list, website visitors, or page engagers.


Placement :

In placement, don’t use automatic placement. Go with the manual.

Show your ads only on Facebook on Instagram feeds and uncheck the rest.


Optimization and Delivery :

I was reluctant to share this strategy but I don't want to be selfish. Here is the Crux of this campaign structure.

Set a frequency cap and tell Facebook how often you want your ads to be shown over a certain time period.

You will set a frequency cap of “ 1 impression every 5 days”.

Head out of the ad set, and create 9 duplicates.

Now we have created 10 different ad sets and given each one a frequency cap of 1 impression every five days.


Ad sets break down :


 3 Adset containing one educational ad each

 3 Adset containing one "How to" ad each

 2  Adset containing one Social Proof Ad each

 2 Adset containing one CTA/Sales ad each


And the audience in all these ad sets is the same because we want your ads to reach your audience several times every day.

Why we are setting a frequency cap?

It will ensure your ads are rotating,  each time, the viewer responds to a fresh and different ad.


What you need to keep in mind :

This strategy does not pay off overnight. You must give it time and make a commitment to follow through. When you do, the rewards will be worth it.


Campaign Structure

🚀 - UGC testing Campaign structure

UGC testing strategy (No split test b/c there are too many variables)


It is too naive to split-test UGC ads as there are too many variables.

There are three ingredients of UGC ad you need to test individually.

 3 sec VW (hook)

 the 75 VW( video pitch)

 The creator

If you are confused about which UGC ads I test and which variables I test and for what reasons.

You want to test each ingredient individually and combine them to create a best-

performing ad. Here is how:


Step # 1


Find the winner hook.

First test three hooks with the same creator and video pitch.

Step # 2


Find the winning pitch.

Use that winner hook with three different videos pitch and the same creator.

Find a winner pitch in this test.

Step #3


Use the winner hook and winner pitch with three different creators. Find the winner and increase the ad spend of the top performer. In this way, you can test multiple hooks, video pitches, and UGC creators for your campaigns.

Campaign Structure

In the end, work with passion, hope this helps.

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