4x ROAS for a Hair Care brand ( US Target Audience)Even though FB reported way too less data

Our goal was to generate sales while maximizing the efficiency of our advertising budget.


We had a total spend of $14,723.99 and achieved sales worth $57,228.17, resulting in a 4x ROAS. 

Campaign Structure:

To ensure effective testing and targeting, we divided our campaigns into two basic different categories: 

  • Prospecting and

  • Retargeting.

  • We further segmented our audience within each category to refine our messaging and creative elements.

    Prospecting Campaign:

    1. Dynamic Testing Campaign:

    • This campaign was designed to test different creatives, New interests, and copy combinations.

    • We created five ad sets, each containing a dynamic ad.

    • Each dynamic ad featured two different videos and a single ad copy.

    • Interests were used to narrow down the target audience and improve relevance.

    1. Old winning Ads Campaign:

    • This campaign featured ad sets with previously successful ads.

    • The campaign consistently demonstrated good conversions and recovered from a recent dip.

    • To maintain stability, we decided not to make any changes to this campaign.

    1. Simple testing Campaign:

    • This campaign consisted of two ad sets with different creative elements and interests.

    • The goal was to test new combinations and find additional high-performing ads.

    Now the question is: “Why do I need to run this campaign if I am already running a dynamic testing campaign?”


    The answer is “ Dynamic testing campaign is helping me with 

    • Finding new untapped, broad audiences

    • Unrelated, but strong creative angles

    However, this simple testing campaign is helping me in confirming the relevant audience's interests and creative angles. 

    Retargeting Campaign:

    ATC Audience Campaign:

    • This campaign focused exclusively on audiences who had added items to their cart (ATC).

    • We created two ads with different video content to re-engage these potential customers.

    • Non-ATC and Non-Purchase Audience Campaign:

      • This campaign targeted audiences who had not added to the cart or made a purchase.

      • The objective was to capture potential customers who had shown interest but had yet to convert.

    • Reach Objective frequency capped Campaign:

      • This retargeting campaign aimed to increase brand reach rather than immediate conversions.

      • We created five ad sets with one ad each targeting various retargeting audiences, excluding purchasers.

    Ad Set Optimization: 

    To maximize the impact of 5 ad sets, each ad set was given a unique ad and a $2 budget. We monitored the frequency of ad delivery on a 3-day cycle to avoid overexposure and maintain ad freshness.

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