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Raster Printing Gray Fitness Suit

Raster Printing Gray Fitness Suit

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A workout is a commitment to one’s own self. For betterment, progress, health strength and motivation. We believe in your ability to change. We believe that you deserve the support you need to achieve your goals and we sponsor your goals with our top of the line active sportswear outfits, designed to optimize your potential and assist you in reaching your resolution for fitness.

The workout gear is comprised of two constituent parts: A workout sports bra Workout yoga pants The suit has been designed with flexible and elastic spandex/polyester fibers to keep your body temperature regulated throughout the exercise and give you that extra push you deserve We believe that half the effort put into an action is justified by a person’s presentation for that act.

We’ve got you covered half way on your amazing transformation journey, now all you need to do, is work it!

  • Gender: Women 
  • Material: Spandex,Polyester 
  • Style: Street wear 
  • Pattern Type: Print
  • Color: Gray/Black


Tops Size Chart

Size Shoulder Width Hem(Stretch) Length(Stretch)
S 24 cm 56-82  cm 30 cm
M 24 cm 61-90  cm 30 cm
L 26 cm 68-100 cm 30 cm
XL 28 cm 75-100 cm 32 cm

Legging Size Chart

Size Size(Stretch) Hip(Stretch) Length(Stretch)
S 82-84 cm 96-116   cm 95 cm
M 84-90 cm 96-116   cm 97 cm
L 89-94 cm 99-119   cm 99 cm
XL 90-95 cm 102-122  cm 99 cm

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